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11 Jul 2014 Ukulele videos

Ukuleles are not only fun and simple to play, they also sound great!

In these short videos, Jon Rauhouse shows off the loud volume of the
Resonator Ukulele, the fun and portable little Camp-Uke, and a 6-six ukulele
designed for guitar players.

You can see these instruments and hear more music like this LIVE,
at our upcoming"Roots to Rock" roadshow, touring Australia July 14-17.

Check out "Roots To Rock" roadshow.

G9126 Guitar-Ukulele

The all-new tenor-size Gretsch G9126 Guitar-Ukulele lets any
guitarist sweeten the proceedings with beautifully lilting ukulele tones.
With six strings tuned "A" to "A" in standard guitar intervals, the G9126
is ideal for extended-range uke arrangements
and is perfect for the younger player.

G9112 Resonator-Ukulele w/Gig Bag

Unparalleled volume from a concert-size uke!
With its powerful 6" "biscuit" resonator cone, Gretsch's
remarkable new G9112 Resonator-Ukulele
makes your playing pleasingly prominent in any acoustic mix.

G9101 Camp Uke

The new G9101 NYC Camp Uke is a must-have for every uke collector!
A faithful recreation of the circa 1925-1935 Gretsch "Camp" uke,
it's built to be tossed in your knapsack and played around the
campfire down at the beach, out in the woods or anyplace else
where the day takes you.

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