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Joe Robinson

Joe Robinson plays guitar like Ali boxed, like Einstein knew theoretical physics and like Hitchcock made movies. If the chipper twenty-year-old from backwoods Temagog, New South Wales, Australia were two or three times his age, his sheer six-string ability and compositional insight, which have already earned Robinson a world-wide following, would be no less astonishing. That fact is underscored by his winning TV’s Austra ... more

Chris Cheney
Chris Cheney’s musical career began in the Melbourne suburb of Wheelers Hill in the early 1990’s. Famously shirking school work in favour of 1950’s rock’n’roll, Chris picked up his first guitar in early primary school. By the time Chris reached high school, the guitar had morphed into a full blown obsession, dedicating countless hours to the mastering of 1950’s guitar licks. Chris admits that playing did not come easily to him in the early days, ... more
Brian Setzer
Brian Setzer is one of those wild geniuses who keeps the Earth properly spinning on its axis – a consistent institution who you can count on while pretty much everything else comes and goes.  If nothing else, he might be saving American history from the scorch of its own warped magnifying glass memory.  We’ve screwed up the 50’s – reduced it into one giant goof cartoon of crummy over-fattening food, leather jackets and endless sock ... more
Chet Atkins
Chester Burton Atkins was born on June 20, 1924. The youngest of four children in a musical family,became enthralled by guitar at age six, and had become a talented and accomplished self-taught guitarist by the time he left high school in 1942. At age 15, while living in Georgia, he had heard the great Merle Travis on Cincinnati’s WLW radio, but couldn’t figure out how to play like him; he consequently invented and mastered his own intricate ... more
Eddie Cochran
One can only speculate on the musical heights Eddie Cochran might have reached had he lived beyond the age of 21. As it is, his all-too-brief career has left an indelible mark on rock music and rockabilly music, two forms for which he is equally revered as a talented pioneer. As a guitarist, Cochran played with strength, finesse, energy and authority, and the enduring image of him is of a handsome, nattily dressed young man with a charming ... more
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